05 Best Google Assistant Tricks

05 Best Google Assistant Tricks

We are all familiar with Google Assistant, you may also use it. With the help of Google Assistant, you can easily do many things in a smartphone without typing. If you are an Android user and do not use Google Assistant then you will start using this article after reading it because in today’s article we will learn about 05+ Best Google Assistant Tricks which is very useful.

05 Best Google Assistant Tricks

05 Best Google Assistant Tricks

It’s easy to use Google Assistant. Many people use it, we will learn about more than 10 tips and tricks related to Google Assistant. If you use Google Assistant, you may be aware of many of the Trix tricks, but there are some tips and tricks that you probably do not know about, then let’s know what the late About Google Assistant Tricks –

1. Google Assistant voice 

If you use Google Assistant, you usually hear the voice of a female. We have been listening to this voice for a long time, if you want to change the voice of your Google Assistant then you can easily change. Settings -> Preferences -> Assistant Voice can also change the voice of Google Assistant in this way, and yes, you can only do this if your smartphone version is 6.0 or higher.

2. Identify Songs With Google Assistant 

Google Assistant is very smart, many of these works, which are enjoyable by seeing it, are one of them. Identifying any song and giving information about it. Many times we go around many such songs which we do not know about and we want to know about that song. In such a situation, instead of asking a person, you can use Google Assistant, you have to say ok Google> Identify This Song Now you have to wait for some time so that Google can listen to the assistant song, after a few seconds you will be able to provide information about the song. In this way you can learn about any song or about it.

3. Set reminders

There are many features available in Google Assistant which are very awesome and useful is also one of those Reminders, you can also set a reminder with the help of Google Assistant. To set a reminder, ok google> I have to wash clothes, remind me and then you can save by selecting time and location,in this way you can set many reminders using Google Assistant.  

4. Take a selfie 

It is common to take selfie nowadays but have you ever thought that you can take selfies with the help of Google Assistant. Yes you heard right, with the help of Google Assistant, to take selfies, you just have to say ok google.Then it is only after a few seconds The selfie camera will be open and you will be able to take selfies.

5. Ask for a joke 

Do you know that you can entertain with the help of Google Assistant. You can easily listen to jokes Vagara, just say you okay Google> I am jokes, in just a few seconds you will find many funny jokes. This way you can entertain listening to jokes.

6. Unlock Your Phone 

Do you know, we can unlock Android smartphones with the help of Google Assistant. To unlock the smartphone you have to say ok Google. If you want to unlock your smartphone with the help of Google Assistant, first you have to enable setting> Lock Screen & Fingerprint> smart lock> Voice match now enable access with voice option and set voice sample. Now when Google’s screen is open OK Google will say your smartphone will automatically unlock.
Note:- Do not use this feature if you want to maintain the security of your smartphone, because sometimes it also unlocks the smartphone from another voice.

7. Ask a question 

Many times there are many questions in our mind that you want to know about, with Google Assistant, you can ask a lot of questions and get answers. There are many fun and amazing answers to hear many times. If you use the latest Google Assistant, you can easily get answers to many questions in Hindi. Ask Google Assistant to get an answer to any question, OK Google> What is the temperature of today, where is the gas station, what is love, what is love And so on. In this way you can ask whatever is in your mind.

In this article, we know about the 05 Best Google Assistant Tricks, hope you have liked the tips and tricks of the Google Assistant as described. If you liked this article, please share the shares in social media.

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