Best Battery Saver App For Android 2018

 Best Battery Saver App For Android 2018

Today in this post, I will tell you how to increase the Battery Life of Android Phone so there is only one problem with Smart Phone, that the Android Phone Battery runs very little. Due to this problem, we have to put our Smart Phone on Charging many times a day. This post will help you with this problem.

Best Battery Saver App For Android 2018

We will talk about some of the Android applications which enhance the Android Smart Phone’s Battery Life. If you have trouble with your Smart Phone Battery Life, then this application can help you a lot.

5 best apps to save battery

1 .  Advance Mobile Care

This is an application that allows Virus to be scanned in the mobile. This app is made by Iobit Company for the Android Mobile’s Battery Card and good security, with Phone Security as well as the Android Phone’s Battery Life from this application. Can be increased.

This app also comes with Free Antivirus and WiFi Security Scanner. And from this you can install Games and any application.

This app also works as phone security with Battery Saver. More than one Crore of this application has downloaded. Virus of Mobile in Real can also be deleted from this app.

2 . Battery Doctor

In Battery Doctor App Android Mobile, Battery gives information about expiry and when 20% of battery is left in the phone, it does Alert in App Phone. You can increase battery life by starting Battery Saver in App. Once you activate this install, it starts working, and how much battery is left in the mobile, and how long it will last 90% of the correct information.

There is also a feature in this app that can enhance the phone’s battery. If Battery is running quickly in your phone. So it lets you off any non-work apps like Bluetooth WiFi.

This app has downloaded 70 million people from the Google Play Store. This app can be installed in 2.3 Android Version Mobile.

3 . Go battery  saver

This application is designed to control apps in the phone. It works to invoke the App Phone’s Bluetooth, Screen Light, Apps, Mobile Data, and Other Feature, so you can save 15 Sec 20% Battery. Which will work in the important time.

This App has downloaded more than 7 Crore people, and more than 5,000,000 people have liked it. You must have a mobile phone of 2.2 Android Version to download this app.

4- Battery Dr Saver


The Battery Saver App is designed to grow Mobile’s Battery Life, which keeps an eye on the App Phone’s Battery Life, Tapman Time, using the App to prevent the phone from being Hacked. And you avoid the hacking problem again and again. Apart from this, the App Battery Low or Battery Fully Charge gives Alarm.

Battery Saver has so far followed the App’s 1,40,000 People. And more than One Crore people have downloaded.

5. Juice Defender and Battery Saver


Juice Defender App is designed to save on Android Phone’s Battery. This application has 5 tools. From which you can control phone data wifi and other apps.

And your Android Smart Phone Battery can be made. Power can be controlled from the Juice Defender App. From this App to Phone, 30% Battery can be saved.

You can download this app from the Google Play Store. And the Juice Defender App has so far downloaded more than 10 million people and more than 200,000 people can do this app, 2.2 Android Version Support Phone to download this app.

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