MS Word Tips and Tricks which will save time by speeding up your work

MS Word Tips and Tricks which will save time by speeding up your work

You use MS Word every day and you have knowledge of many WordPress features. But do you know that you still do not know the many things in MS Word and how they work, so that you are not able to use 100% capacities?

There are many such features in Word that you can use to save time in your work while working in Word and your work can be easily done.

Here are some tips and tricks about MS Word, which will enhance your skills by doing your work and burning sensation.

MS Word Tips and Tricks

MS Word Tips and Tricks

1) Select text or paragraph quickly:

To select only one word, double click the appliance.

To seal a sentence, press the Ctrl key and click anywhere in this sentence, the complete sentence will be selected.

To select the complete paragraph, click on it to triple triplet anywhere.

If you have to select more than one paragraph or the extension of the selection is over, then insert the insertion pointer in the beginning of this paragraph, then press [Shift] key and click in its end.

If you have to select more than one paragraph, then it is in different places, so let’s press [CTRL] while selecting them.

In addition, you can select text in square or rectangle. For this press [Alt] and drag the mouse rectangular.

2) Move paragraph:

Simply put the paragraph up or down:

If there is a lot of paragraphs in your Word document and some of them are in the wrong order, you have to bring them to the right place. At that time you cut and paste it. But you can press [ALT] + [SHFT] ^ Press that up and [ALT] + [SHFT] ↓ that can be pressed down.

Move words or paragraphs without cut and paste:

If you have to take a word or para paragraph from one place to another, then select it and press [Enter] after pressing [F2] that is where it is placed and where to place it.

3) Delete word:

To delete a word, press [CTRL] key and [Backspace] key.

4) Change Case:

You have typed a paragraph and now you have to change its case, then just press [Shift] + [F3].

5) Go to last location quickly:

If you are working on a very large document, in some places you have to work or format, then at this time we take a lot of time to go back to the previous location. At such times if you have to go to the previous location immediately, press [Shift] + [F5].

6) Write text anywhere:

Do you know that you can use the World as a whiteboard, so you can type in it anyway. Just double click where you want and start typing.

7) Convert text to simple format:

When you copy a paragraph from the web site and paste it into the world, it is copied with all your previous formats. At that time, to convert these paragraphs to simple format, select it and press [Ctrl] + Spacebar.

8) Add a Calculator to Word:

Sometimes you have to do a few simple calculations in the Word and for this small task you do not want to open the calculator in the window. You can easily add a calculator to Word.

  • For this, go to File> Word Options> Customize.
  • Select all commands and add the calculator to the list of Quick Access Toolbar.
  • You will now see a green button on the Quick Access Toolbar which will be disabled.
  • Now type simple equation in the word and select this equation
  • Then click on this Green Formula button and you will find its ancestor on the left side of the window.

9) Auto-Update Date & Time:

Sometimes you have to use a document repeatedly which includes the date and time which has to be updated every time or if a letter is writing today and it will end tomorrow, then it will show the date that was typed today. | At such times you can update the date and time automatically.

  • Click the Date & Time button in the nsert tab. 
  • Now a popup window of Date & Time will be open. 
  • Select the format of the date you want and select the Update automatically check box. 
Now every time you open this document it will show current date.

10) Change the Default Folder Location:(MS Word Tips and Tricks)

Have you ever noticed that when you open one of your documents, does the word automatic My Documents folder open by default? But if you save your document in a separate folder, you have to select its location every time. If you set the default location of the word to your location, the time will be saved while opening the document.

To set the default folder in the Word document –

  • Go to Office button -> Word Options. 
  • Now a dialog box of Word Options will open. From the left side, select Save.
  • Click the Browse button and select your location.


  • Finally, click Ok twice.

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