Eplugit Wireless Mouse WM111 Review

If you have your laptop on you at all the times, then you know how much use a mouse actually is, despite having a trackpad. Because let’s be honest, when you are working with your entire concentration on that work, you want faster navigation and a laptop trackpad can’t just give you that.

When I faced this problem, my instant solution was to get that mouse which came with my laptop. But boy, was I disappointed! The cables surrounding my laptop had made my clean working place a mess. To the cables of chargers, earphones and data cables, you don’t want to add a mouse to this mess.

Plus, that mouse with the cable was still not at par to my expectations when I decided to use it. Naturally, it was a high time for me to switch to its wireless counterpart, and this one decision made a significant change to my work desk.

Although carrying a mouse around is just an extra accessory, it is super handy too. And if you are one of those people, who want quick navigation, then you are also hunting for an amazing wireless mouse. Well, allow me to end this search for you right here, Eplugit Wireless mouse is just the mouse you need.

Why? Let’s see.

Eplugit Wireless mouse


Aesthetically, this is the most pleasant mouse I have seen. This medium-sized mouse is a fit for every hand, big or small. It gives a premium sort of feeling and its light weight adds to it. With the Wi-Fi dongle, we get a storage compartment too. However, the storage compartment is right where the battery sits so the opening and closing of that compartment can irritate you.

There are right and left click buttons separated by a single scrolling wheel. Every time you click on them, they give this satisfying sound that you want to keep clicking them. The buttons too, are premium to touch. But even if this clicking sound is fine by you, it might not be for others. So if you have a roommate or a fellow traveller, who has a problem with this noise, then you should search for other avenues.

This is the most comfortable mouse you will ever use. It is made for both right-handed users and the left-handed ones too.


The most comfortable mouse I have ever used, this Eplugit Wireless Mouse sits comfortably under my palm and doesn’t need a mouse pad to operate perfectly. Yet, a good mouse pad is always recommended. Thanks to its advanced optical sensor, its tracking and cursor movement was precise and perfect.

The scrolling wheel does not misbehave; it works just like it should, not too slow, not too fast. Now, that is an altogether different thing that you can change the scrolling speed. The power button is located at the base of the mouse, convenient and easy to toggle.

But please note that this mouse is not a universally compatible one, meaning, you will need to discard it if the nano receiver gets destroyed.

To summarise, for daily use and office use, it is a perfect option. If you work on notebook laptops, then Eplugit Wireless mouse you were looking for all this while, but couldn’t fund. But if you are looking for something more advanced that gives you more functions and control, then this Epulgit Mouse is not for you.


Even if you aren’t a rocket science student, you can easily set this mouse up. Setting up requires no basic knowledge of rocket science or a user manual either. Just plug and let the technology work. After plugging the nano receiver, your system will automatically install the driver and that’s that.

EPlugit claims that the battery life lasts three times more than the other mouse. Also, the battery comes with the mouse itself, so that is that.


EPlugit WM111 is the best piece that you will find in this price range. EPlugit gives a one year warranty on the mouse, so there is this thing too. It comes in both the colours, black and white. And whether you use your left hand more or right hand more, there is no difference when you use this. With its simple, sleek design, this is the best deal. You can enjoy this wireless piece for a long time without interruption; its power management is that good. Also, it is compatible with both, windows and mac, so no problem if you decide to use your MacBook for a while.


  •        Comfortable to use
  •        long battery life
  •        supports Windows and Mac
  •        LED indicator for battery
  •        On/Off switch
  •        Can be used by both left and right-handed people


  •        Attracts dirt
  •        Noisy
  •        Not made for gaming

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