Install Outlook on Windows 10: The Perfect Guide

Outlook is Microsoft’s own e-mail and file sharing service which is much similar to other e-mail services available in the market. But it works better than any other file sharing systems available on the Internet.

Windows 10 is having pre-installed get office app in the system which you can easily find in the app list of your PC. You just need to buy Office 365 to Install Outlook on Windows 10. You can either buy in from any of the Microsoft stores you can buy directly from the Microsoft Store in your PC.

Not only it works as a file sharing and email service app, but it also uses your outlook account in the windows 10 to have the sync of other Microsoft apps like calendar and one drive, just like Google account syncs with other Google apps.

Here are the steps to Install Outlook on Windows 10:

  1. At first, you need to create an outlook account if you are not having an outlook account.
  2. Go to to create your new outlook or Microsoft account. You can either use your existing e-mail account to make an outlook account or you can create a new one, depending on your preference.
  3. Now add the outlook account on your Outlook app which got installed after you bought the Office 365 from the store.
  4. To add the outlook account simply go to Start Button > App List > Outlook
  5. Add your account on the app by entering your email id and password which you used while creating an outlook account.

Welcome to outlook

Install Outlook on Windows 10

  1. You may face some error while installing the outlook app, like the most common error which are found while installing the outlook app is ‘error 0x80004001’.
  2. This error is commonly caused by improper installation of Outlook, anti-malware issues, damaged or corrupted .pst file, etc.
  3. To resolve this error simply check your Outlook account profile credentials while inputting in the outlook app.
  4. After all these above steps are completed you will get a dialog box where you need to enter Profile Name for creating a new profile.

create new profile on outlook

  1. After it’s done you will get to see the Account setup complete confirmation on the outlook app.

  1. Now it will take a few moments for syncing between the email and calendar, then the mailbox items will pop up on your screen.

  1. Now send an email or share files from the outlook app on Windows 10. You can either share files to an individual or even you can share files by creating a group which a useful feature, saves time to add the email id’s whom you want to send.

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FAQ’s regarding how to install Outlook on Windows 10:

  1. What to do when Outlook app freezes, stopped working, not responding or Stuck at processing?

A: Follow these following steps to resolve this issue:

  • Close the Outlook app via task manager.
  • Launch Outlook app in safe mode by going to Start button > type on the search bar > Outlook.exe /safe, and then press Enter.
  • Close Outlook, and then open it normally.
  1. How to recover deleted items on Outlook app?

A: If you want to recover accidentally deleted items from your outlook app then simply follow this simple steps:

  • First, you need to search for those items in the ‘Deleted Items’ section or ‘Trash’ section.
  • If still, you cannot find the deleted items in the following section then you need to search in the recover deleted items from the server.
  • To find ‘Recover Deleted Items From Server’ option, go to Home > Recover Deleted Items From Server and you will get the items which you have deleted so far listed by date.
  • Select the items you want to recover and select the Restore Selected Items and click on OK.
  • This recovered items will be recovered to the ‘Deleted Items’ or ‘Trash’ folder in the very place where you look in the first place.


Outlook app is on the useful apps available in the market. Microsoft is one of those software companies which take feedback and creates apps useful and even updates according to the user preferences. This was a definitive guide on Install Outlook on Windows 10

Outlook app is great for sharing files and emails in the group, you need to create a group before sharing and the group stays permanently until and unless you delete the group.

Group sharing saves lots of time and easy to share files and mail in a one-step action. Sometimes you may get various errors while using Microsoft apps, but don’t worry Microsoft got you covered they are having community websites with all types of error solutions and discussions.


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