KPSC Thulasi Login and Online Registration

Today we will discuss the Kerala public service commission (KPSC) and the enlistment process known as Thulasi. If you get enlisted in KPSC Thulasi, then we should know about the complete information about various opportunities which can be accessed according to your capability. In order to get complete information and notices, you need to apply for KPSC Thulasi by login into the website which we have discussed below.

Although most of the notices provided by the KPSC Thulasi half of the reserved category, although there are several general category listings are also available in the website. Currently, the website is having 17 enlistments in the KPSC Thulasi, out of them only 5 of those in list means available for all category of candidates. In order to get complete information about those enlistments, you can visit the website and go to the notices.

KPSC Thulasi:

In case you are one of such candidates working about KPSC login, which is not KPSC Thulasi login. Although we are provided the complete information about client login page and enlistments in this article. Basically, KPSC login is for those individuals who are currently working in the government bodies, or even with the partnership with KPSC. If you have already completed the PSC examination, then you can also use the website for getting the OMR examination mark. If you also want to know about “Lobby Ticket Download”, then we also provide the complete details by gathering the information by using the one-time enrollment profile in KPSC Thulasi.

KPSC Thulasi

Although KPSC Thulasi will inform you through your registered email address and mobile number for the availability of the lobby ticket. If you have already completed the one-time registration, then you should use the link provided below this article for downloading the lobby ticket. In case you have already started preparation for KPSC or any other competitive exams, then we would recommend you to use the previous year question papers to get the basic knowledge about the pattern of the examination. You can get the previous year question papers for just ₹350, which will be helpful for you to prepare for KPSC.

The basic language of the question paper is in Malayalam version, if you want to get prepared for different competitive exams other than KPSC then you should get the question paper in English. There are several different examinations like IBPS, RBI, SBI, SSC, etc need to be prepared in the English language.

Guidelines to Get Registered in KPSC Thulasi:

The first thing you need to do before getting registered in KPSC Thulasi is by keeping a few documents in hands along with photograph and scanned signature. Your photography needs to be under 30 KB with the pixel 150×200, your scanned signature must be under 20kb and need to have 150×100 pixels. Both the image and scanned signature need to be in JPG format.

  • One Time Registration for KPSC Thulasi:

KPSC Thulasi login

The first thing you need to get started with is by doing one-time registration on KPSC Thulasi website. This registration is common for all the upcoming posts which you are going to apply in KPSC. Use the below-mentioned procedure for completing one-time registration on KPSC Thulasi website.

  1. First, you need to open your web browser and visit this URL in order to go to the webpage of the KPSC Thulasi, Note that this website is recommending you to use Mozilla Firefox browser or Google Chrome browser.
  2. After the web page opens up on your device, on the right side of the screen you need to find the new registration button.
  3. Click on the new registration button which will open up a new registration page.
  4. You need to provide several personal details along with ID proof and create your new profile in the KPSC Thulasi website.
  5. After the registration is completed, you need to use the user id and password which you have created while registering in the login page from the homepage of the KPSC Thulasi. You will also get the user id and password via SMS while registering on the website. You also need to upload your photograph and scanned signature for future references.
  6. Now you need to provide the access code and click on the login button to log in to your account. By accessing the account, you can check the time table of the examination, you will get to download the hall ticket as well as previous results and notices.
  7. From the notice is provided on the website, choose the appropriate vacancy and apply for it from the website.
  • Checking KPSC OMR Examination Mark:

If you have already completed the OMR examination, and the result came out then you should check the OMR examination mark. Use the following steps for checking the OMR examination mark on KPSC website.

  1. Open any web browser in your device
  2. Using the web browser, open the KPSC Thulasi website.
  3. You need to use the login credentials login to your account in the website.
  4. After the login process is completed you need to locate the OMR examination mark option.
  5. Click on the option view OMR examination mark.
  6. On the next page, you need to select the post which you have applied for and given the examination.
  7. Next, you need to enter the register number of that particular post, the register number is available on the hall ticket of the examination.
  8. After you have entered both the details, click on the show button to get the OMR examination mark. Although it will stay uploaded for just two months after the release of the result.
  • Exam Hall Ticket Download for KPSC Thulasi:

There are two types of tickets which needed to be downloaded, first one will be the admission ticket for OMR or descriptive exam. And the next one is needed once you have cleared out the OMR examination, which is the interview document verification memo, memo cards, physical measurement hall tickets. To download those tickets, we are provided the link in the below of this article.

  1. The first you need to do is by using the web browser in your device and visit the KPSC Thulasi website.
  2. After the website opens up you need to go to the login page.
  3. On the login page, you need to use the user id and password login into the KPSC Thulasi account.
  4. Now there will be links provided on the website for downloading the hall tickets. You can also use the links provided below this article without login into the account and download the hall tickets.

Link>> Hall Ticket for OMR Exam.

Link>> Hall Ticket for Interview/Memo/Physical Measurement.

  • Checking Status of Posts:

KPSC can change the status of various posts on the website according to the need, so you should definitely check the status of the posts before applying for them or even after applying them. Use this following procedure for checking the status of the post.

  1. Open any supported web browser in your device and go to the official website of the KPSC Thulasi.
  2. On the right side of the website, you need to use the login credentials in order to get access to your KPSC Thulasi account.
  3. Now you need to locate the status of post option in order to check the status of all the posts available on the website.
  4. If any changes happened to the status, you will get to see it in that section of the website. Mostly new information is also available in that part of the website according to various posts.

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  • KPSC Thulasi Contact Details:

Contact details are one of the much-needed information in case you are applying for KPSC posts. There are several issues which you can face while applying for posts, in order to solve those issues, you need to have the contact details which are located near you. We have provided the complete contact details of the KPSC Thulasi in this article which can be used anytime according to your preference to contact them.

District Offices:

  • Thiruvananthapuram

Phone: 0471 – 2448188

  • Kollam

Phone: 0474 – 2743624

  • Pathanamthitta

Phone: 0468 – 2222665

  • Alappuzha

Phone: 0477 – 2264134

  • Kottayam

Phone: 0481 – 2578278

  • Idukki

Phone: 04868 – 272359

  • Ernakulam

Phone: 0484 – 2314500

  • Thrissur

Phone: 0487 – 2327505

  • Palakkad

Phone: 0491 – 2505398

  • Malappuram

Phone: 0483 – 2734308

  • Kozhikode

Phone: 0495 – 2371971

  • Wayanad

Phone: 04936 – 202539

  • Kannur

Phone: 0497 – 2700482

  • Kasaragod

Phone: 04994 – 230102

Regional Offices:

  • Kollam

Phone: 0474 – 2745674

  • Ernakulam

Phone: 0484 – 2317435

  • Kozhikode

Phone: 0495 – 2371500

Wrapping Things Up:

If you are from Kerala, and interested in applying for KPSC Thulasi then you should go through the complete article before applying. We have collected the complete information about KPSC Thulasi from the official website and posted them in this article for you. We have also provided the complete guidelines for applying for KPSC Thulasi open the website along with the complete steps. Share this useful article with others, so that they can use these guidelines provided in this article.

If you have any more questions, you can mail me or else comment below and one of our team member will connect with you.

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