Make Money Online by Chitika

Hi friends, If you want to earn money online Chitika is one of the simplest way to earn money online Chitika send us money when 10 dollars is complete Chitika provides advertisements that we have to apply on our blog Creating a blog is very easy to make your blog. So friends let’s start how to earn money online from chitika

Let’s assume that you have created your blog and the visitor has started coming on it. Now you have to put ads on the blog to earn money on your blog and for this, Chitika has to be accounted for

Make Money Online by Chitika

Create your account on Chitika

  • First, go to Chitika to make an account on chitika. 
  • After going there, click the sign up button. 
  • Now enter your email address in it. email address which should be of any Gmail, Yahoo, Hatmail etc. 
    • And click on the Go button In it you will see a screen in it asking you to check your email Chitika has sent a mail to your email, in which you click on the Complete My Application button.
      • You will now be given a form to complete in which you have to fill your details and click on submit button
      • After clicking on the submit button, your chitika will be created on the account Now you have to create ads and set those ads to your blog.
      • Creating ads means you only have to copy the ads.

      Copy Ads code

      • Login to your chitika account and after logging in, click on the button above, click on it, now another button is given below Click Get Code
      • After clicking on the Get Code button, a code will appear, you have to copy that code and put it on the blog
      • And when you put Ads on your blog then you will click on any of those ads, you will get the money from that click and when your earning is 10 dollars then chitika paypal or send you your cheque.
      Note – For this, you will need a blog, to create a blog, I have given you a link on which you can learn to create a free blog, and after you become a blog, you can copy the ads code from chitika and post it to your blog. Please give your blog to Facebook, twitter, google plus, whatsapp etc. Share on it and as soon as a visitor clicks on your advertised ads, you will get the money and you can see that money by logging in to chitika account and as soon as your chitika account becomes 10 $ and chitika you pay that money to paypal or check Will send through

      How to Add Chitika Ads to Your Blog

      So let’s see how ads in blog are posted-

      • First of all, you can copy the ads from chitika and then, login to Blogger and write a new post and do not post it after writing the full post. Click HTML in the top left top of your post We have to post chitika ad here
      • You have to add ads in your post like, in the middle, or afterwards or at the top you choose and post that code. 
      • Now after you publish the post, after publishing, visit your blog here, you will see your ad

      I’m sure that you like this post onMake Money Online by Chitika post, share this post with your friends, they can also take advantage of it, and if you are having any problems then you can ask us by comment.


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