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MotoTrbo CPS is the customer programming software who is needed to configure any MotoTrbo radio which is available to the Motorola channel partner. The policy is depending on the region you are using it. The above-mentioned criteria are applicable to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Although in the case of USA and Canada the end customer can gain access to the Motorola online by buying the subscription of the software license.

MotoTrbo CPS

The end customers can get the MotoTrbo CPS from the same provider of the radios. Few of the providers are also providing the MotoTrbo CPS software online and in any case you have bought it physically then the providers provide updates online for the purchased MotoTrbo CPS. In any case, you are unable to contact any service provider then we have provided the download low in this article for you for the MotoTrbo CPS software.

MotoTrbo CPS Error codes and the solution:

Basically MotoTrbo adios work smoothly without any error for most of the technicians and programming. But in any case, you are facing errors depending on the error you’re facing while installing, launching the MotoTrbo CPS odd even reading the radio on repeater you can always refer to this article for the error code solution. All the error codes do not pinpoint to any specific issues it only provides you the several possible causes by getting the error code. In this article, we provide the error codes and the solution of the errors.

  • 1246:

You will get this error mainly because if you are trying to write a codeplug which is having a feature flag and the device your writing to is not having a feature flag. Means if you are trying to write a Codeplug office channel and the repeater is not having the license of that particular channel in it.

  • 1646:

This error is caused by the no permission granted for creating the folders. The solution for this error is to install and run the MotoTrbo CPS software as administrator privileges. Sometimes this issue can also be caused due to that WMI service in the Windows operating system. Check for all the updates are being installed in the windows and no installation process is in the queue for installing or restart needed command is pending. Now uninstall the MotoTrbo CPS and restart your Windows PC. After the PC is restarted you need to delete these following things:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola\MOTOTRBO CPS

C:\ProgramData\Motorola\MOTOTRBO CPS


You can also use any registry cleaner software for deleting the entries related to the MotoTrbo CPS and then reinstalling the latest version of the MotoTrbo CPS.

  • 1687:

This error occurs in case MotoTrbo radio is not responding. To fix this error you need to check the connection or the cable which connects the radio with the PC. In case you have connected PC but still not responding then you need to check that the cable is ok or it’s damaged. Even if you are still getting this error then you can check the driver is loaded in the windows or not. There are able solutions available on the internet which you can check for fixing this error. This is one of the most common error your face while using MotoTrbo CPS software.

  • 596:

This error is also one of the most common errors which you can face while using MotoTrbo CPS. This is caused due to the IP address is not matching or something wrong with the Motorola radio and the IP address. To fix this error you need to check the connection between your PC and the radio is clear and radio is turned on. If the Motorola radio is connected with the PC then you will be able to see the device named MotoTrbo Radio X, not that X is the number of the model which the radio you are using. Make sure that the yellow warning symbol is not attached with the device icon in your PC. There are several movies you can fix the error 596, you can get several procedures on the internet.

  • 1057:

This error shows up due to the radio being purchased from another region and MotoTrbo CPS from another. In this case, you need to buy the MotoTrbo CPS software from the region where you brought the Motorola radio.

  • 1060:

This error is occurred due to the operating of the software gone wrong. To fix this error you need to add device recovery, to do so you need to connect the radio with the PC and from the menu of the MotoTrbo CPS software unity click on the device and select the device recovery option. Wait for the process to get completed and you are able to fix the error after that.

  • 4832:

You will get this error while installing the MotoTrbo CPS software in your PC. This usually happens due to the not granting of the full permission for the few required folders on your PC. The best way to fix this error is to launch the installer of the MotoTrbo CPS software as administrator and keep the full permission to installing in your drive.

Final Words:

We have collected various data about the MotoTrbo CPS software and provided them in this article for you. We have also listed down the few areas which you might face while using the MotoTrbo CPS software and provided the solutions to those errors in this article for you. Share this article with other MotoTrbo Radio users so that they can also get information about the MotoTrbo CPS software in their devices.

If you have any more questions, feel free to mail me or comment below and one of our team member will connect with you soon.


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